Importance of CCTV in the home

Every homeowner wants to ensure that their family home is safe from intruders, so home security is of paramount importance in the UK today. Protecting your property from burglars has become much easier since the use of CCTV has been introduced for residential customers as well as business owners.


The Office for National Statistics (ONS) state that there were 392,341 house burglaries in 2014-15 in the UK, while Home Office data shows only 54,466 arrests were made for burglary. According to analysis done by BBC News, that works out to police forces in England only making 14 arrests for every 100 burglaries that occur. Lack of evidence being one of the main reasons for the low conviction rates.


While there are a lot of things you can do to help reduce your chances of being burgled, you may not be able to prevent the most determined of thieves from entering your property. However, by having home CCTV installed, you will have irrefutable proof of the burglary that will be impossible to deny or disprove.


What is CCTV?


CCTV is a type of surveillance system that was developed to be used initially to monitor commercial properties such as shops, retail centres, business premises, and public spaces such as parks and town centres. However, in recent years CCTV technology has moved on to become more advanced, cheaper to buy, and with modern smaller, slimline designs that are ideal for protecting private residential property too.


As a homeowner, you can choose from having a single camera set-up to a network of linked cameras that cover your entire property, especially those areas vulnerable to break-ins such as concealed entrances and back doors into your home. The CCTV cameras will monitor and capture recordable images that can be triggered automatically when movement is sensed, or can be switched on manually by the owners.


Depending on your individual needs, you can set up your CCTV to interface with other security systems, such as your home alarm. For example when your home alarm is triggered your CCTV will record the activity.


For home use, most people choose to use wireless cameras simply because they are much easier to install, especially in more inaccessible places, and don’t risk damaging your décor with secured wiring that will need to be run through your house.


Why not contact us today to discuss your home CCTV needs. You will get great peace of mind knowing that your home is protected while you are away. Our friendly customer service team are here to help – why not get in touch today.

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