Keeping your house safe whilst on holiday

Keeping your house safe whilst on holiday


When you go away on holiday you will want to be rest assured that you will leave your home behind safe and secure. Of course, there are obvious things you can do such as having adequate home insurance in place should the worst happen, but also having some form of physical deterrent would be good as this may even prevent a burglary from ever taking place.


Even the sight of an alarm box or a CCTV camera situated on an external wall of your home can be a great visual deterrent to a would-be opportunist thief. It has been proven time and again over the years that business premises using CCTV protection have drastically reduced the instances of crime on their premises, so it only follows that homeowners can also benefit in the exact same way.


In the unlikely event that your home should encounter a more determined intruder, CCTV Wise have you covered! Our home CCTV surveillance system can not only capture evidence of the break-in while it is happening, but our cutting-edge technology means that we can also send you an urgent email to alert you of the incident. You can then call the police to your home.


Home Alarm


Having a good quality home alarm system installed is also a necessity in this day and age. Modern alarm systems have motion sensors that can trigger when an intruder moves about your house. An effective way to use a home alarm system is to look at how many entry points there are to your home and ensure that your alarm sensors are positioned well to cover all possible entry points without interruption from furniture or walls.


Your home CCTV surveillance can be integrated with your alarm system to ensure any break-in attempts are recorded. Should the intruder abscond with any of your possessions, your CCTV footage can be used as proof of the incident and to also help identify the intruder. This can be used in court to bring about a prosecution.


Security Lighting


Combining your external CCTV with good security lighting can be a very strong deterrent. Burglars like to work in the shadows, so by flooding vulnerable areas of your external property with bright light can often cause a would-be intruder to flee from your premises empty handed. No criminal wants to have witnesses to their crime, so by illuminating their potential outside entry points to your home, drawing the attention of your closest neighbours and capturing the action on CCTV, you can very often prevent a crime from happening.



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