Protecting my Business from Intruders

Protecting my Business from Intruders


Having a CCTV surveillance system installed at your work premises makes perfect sense if you want to deter intruders. As a business owner you will want to protect your property as well as your valuable stock, machinery and other contents from being stolen during a burglary or from damage by vandalism or arson.


CCTV monitoring equipment has become such an essential part of standard business security systems that most business insurers insist on you having working CCTV surveillance on the premises. This is a necessity to be able to take out certain levels of insurance policies. Business insurance can be quite a costly affair, but by having CCTV on your premises you can often get your insurance cover at a much reduced price. As we all know, keeping costs down is an important element of running a successful business.


Having CCTV doesn’t mean that you have to be on site to be able to view the images. You can have remote monitoring where your live feed is sent to you wherever you are. You can type in the URL of the server that controls the wireless cameras from any browser. This means you can view your premises in real time on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.


Other forms of protection


A state of the art alarm system is a must for any working business premises. Again, if you want to have adequate business insurance cover, you will need to have a functional alarm system working on your premises. Your CCTV surveillance can be hooked up to your alarm system so that live footage is captured of any intruder break-ins. This means that you will be able to identify the perpetrators, confirm what has been stolen, damaged or removed from your premises, and have enough proof of the crime to be able to prosecute. Your proof can also help to corroborate your losses for insurance purposes.


External security lighting is also important, not only to act as a deterrent to scare away opportunist thieves from your premises, but it can also help to cut down on the risks of accidents to staff. Illuminating dark areas, staircases, passageways and tripping hazards not easily seen in the dark can save your employees from injury and also ensure their personal security.


Keypad entry can add an extra layer of security to main access doors, especially doors that are used often or are concealed from general view. Magnetic locks are also useful on doors and key storage compartments because they have no key-way, so cannot be picked. Magnetic locks are perfectly safe and will open in the case of an emergency.

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