CCTV Consultancy Services


CCTV Wise Consultant Services cover Milton Keynes to locations throughout Buckinghamshire and all its neighbouring counties, including Hertfordshire, Kent and London, we can provide you with our professional, unbiased advice and guidance when it comes to all aspects of your CCTV protection. We actively support many private companies, public sector services as well as domestic and residential clients who have successfully gone on to fit bespoke CCTV surveillance systems.


Our tailored consultancy services are always focused on providing you with the best possible solution to fit your security needs and requirements. Our expert team will consult with you to draw up a mutually agreed CCTV security strategy while paying close attention to delivering you real value for money as well as great peace of mind.


CCTV System Design, Procurement and Project Supervision


You can leave every detail in our safe and capable hands. Our consultants have years of experience in the CCTV security business so are best placed to advise you about which system is right for you. There is a lot of choice out there for a new buyer as well as for someone wanting to upgrade or overhaul their current CCTV system. Do you know the difference between Analogue, Digital, AHD, TVI, CVI, IP, HD, and AHD? Our expert consultants do and are on hand to help you choose the best system from this fast paced marketplace.


Choosing a CCTV system can be more difficult than you think. Our consultants will take an in-depth look at your requirements to analyse what you need. They will be looking to establish and address some of the following requirements to suit your own personal domestic or business security needs, such as:


  • bandwidth budget
  • built in resilience and redundancy
  • CCTV Feasibility Studies
  • CCTV Audit and Assessment
  • CCTV data: how long is it stored, who is the end user etc.
  • CCTV Operational Requirements
  • Converged or dedicated CCTV network
  • how are the cameras monitored
  • lighting optimisation
  • Pixel density needs
  • storage capacity
  • and much more

Our highly experienced CCTV consultants are not salespeople. Our team of experts are not here to sell you the most expensive CCTV system or to sign you up for a system that isn’t suitable for your needs. We take special care to meet all operational requirements and look closely at operational conditions and the physical environment where they system will be installed and in use. We ensure that your CCTV security system is fit for purpose and will deliver the results you need.


Why not talk with our Consultant Team today to find your perfect solution. We are a friendly team and are happy to discuss your CCTV requirements.


CCTV Wise Systems covering the UK.


One of most proven and effective ways to protect your home or business premises from break-ins and intruders is through having CCTV installed. This means that you can leave your home or business in complete safety while it is unoccupied.


The CCTV marketplace is vast and varied with protection being offered from a single-camera option to a very detailed and complex system that is suitable for large business premises or commercial networks such as shops and leisure facilities.


There are three sides to operating a CCTV security system and each can be very advantageous for the owner:


The first is obviously to protect your property from crime. Even the sight of CCTV cameras positioned around a building can deter opportunist thieves from breaking in, so effectively preventing a crime from happening.


The second is to confirm that a crime has taken place and to provide proof of that crime. Your CCTV footage can be used as evidence to bring about a prosecution.


The third is to corroborate and confirm any accidents that happen on your premises. This is especially useful in a business setting where you need modern surveillance to protect your staff and stock from the risk of accidents and clearly record how an accident occurred so you can address the cause to prevent it from happening again.