Do you have a CCTV Maintenance Contract?


If you already have CCTV installed in your home or business property, then you will understand just how valuable an asset it is for your safety and security as well as your peace of mind. However, to continue to benefit from your CCTV system it makes sense to have a maintenance contract in place to ensure its upkeep and continuing service.


You may be asking yourself if you need a maintenance contract for your CCTV system. Like all electrical equipment, your system can experience wear or damage that could lead to faults. This can mean the difference between having the proof you need of a crime being committed on your premises and the case being dismissed through lack of evidence because you were unable to provide CCTV footage. Don’t forget that your property insurance will also depend on you having a fully functional CCTV system. You may find that your insurance claim may be made invalid if you fail to keep your security system if good working order.


There are other benefits to having a maintenance contract for your system other than the examples given above. Here are just a few good reasons for ensuring your CCTV system continues to function perfectly, all year around:


Great Peace of Mind


This is an obvious example of why a maintenance contact is a great idea. How many sleepless nights can be saved from worrying about your home or business premises while you are away from it? Knowing that you have a fully functional protection system in place 24/7 that never sleeps can give you great peace of mind and free you from worry while you go about your everyday business.


Regulation Compliance


There are so many legal regulations to keep up with that it can make your head spin! Having a maintained system means that your CCTV will be meeting all current EN Standards, including Health & Safety Act, Data Protection Act, and other industry standards. Your equipment will not only remain 100% functional at all times, your components will all be at the very cutting edge of the security industry.


What’s Included in my Contract?


We offer bespoke service contracts that have been created to give you the best possible support. We will give your system a thorough annual inspection and will carry out our comprehensive maintenance tests, fix issues and provide preventative maintenance to ensure your continued service according to your individual needs.


Why not contact us today to discuss your CCTV maintenance needs. We are happy to answer all of your questions.