Temporary and Mobile CCTV Surveillance Systems from CCTVWise


Mobile CCTV Van


When you are in need of some mobile CCTV situational awareness for public safety, look no further than us. We understand that you want to keep on top of your event security and crowd management at large festival events or one-off sports gatherings. This is why we offer our state of the art mobile CCTV van for hire that is fully manned and able to move seamlessly around the grounds to keep you event completely secure.


Our affordable mobile option is great because you can hire us when you need to, so no expensive layouts for permanent surveillance is needed. Our CCTV cameras offer stunning 1080p HD video that give pin sharp images of your event. When darkness falls, our cameras switch to highly detailed night vision mode so ideal for music festivals that go on from day to night. Our mobile monitoring station conforms to the most stringent security standard, BS8418, to keep your site secure.


Temporary Building Site CCTV


To protect building site materials, tools and equipment from theft, it is wise to have some CCTV installed on-site. You would also benefit from a health and safety point of view too should any accidents occur. However, you may only require a temporary solution that covers you for the time of your building project. We can provide you with CCTV coverage for as long as you need us, right from when you first move onto the building site to when your project is completed.


CCTVWise can offer you a security camera that able to be strapped to an existing lamp post on site or fixed to a pole that sends emails with images of intruder presence on detention of motion. This cost-effective system requires nothing more than a 3g phone signal, so is perfect for providing temporary solutions for places like building sites, building renovations and demolition projects.


A system like this can alert you of intruders on your property for your rapid response and help to provide evidence of a crime taking place. This is a great way of keeping tabs on your site, it is very easy to use, and can give you great peace of mind while your site is left unoccupied. The visual presence of this CCTV system in operation can not only protect your site, but it acts to deter any would-be criminals who may be considering some opportunistic theft from your site.


We can offer you a flexible, tailor-made service to perfectly suit your needs. Why not contact us today to discuss our mobile or temporary CCTV options to find a solution for your security requirements.